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AsianDate Review: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for love? Or maybe just a fun fling? Either way, AsianDate could be the perfect place to find it! This dating site has been connecting singles from all over Asia since 1998. But is it really worth your time and money? Read on to find out what we think of this popular online destination – complete with pros, cons, tips & tricks! So buckle up – let’s dive in and see if AsianDate can help you get lucky in love.


AsianDate is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get! Sure, it’s not the best dating spot out there but if you’re looking for an Asian connection then this site can definitely be worth checking out. It has its pros and cons just like any other online dating service, so I’d say give it a go if that’s your thing. Plus, with all the features they offer such as video chat and instant messaging options, at least you won’t be bored while browsing through potential matches!

AsianDate in 10 seconds

  • AsianDate is an online dating site that connects people from all over the world.
  • The matching algorithm on AsianDate helps users find compatible matches based on their preferences.
  • AsianDate offers different pricing options, including a monthly subscription and credits.
  • Monthly subscriptions start at $9.99 and credits can be purchased in packages ranging from $15.99 to $399.99.
  • AsianDate has both a website and mobile app for users to access the platform.
  • AsianDate’s prices are competitive with other dating sites on the market.
  • AsianDate takes user privacy and security seriously by implementing multiple layers of protection.
  • AsianDate also offers special features such as video chat and live streaming to help users connect.
  • Users can also use AsianDate’s “Let’s Mingle” feature to send messages to multiple members at once.
  • AsianDate also provides translation services to help users communicate more effectively.

Pros & Cons

  • AsianDate has a great selection of attractive singles from all over Asia.
  • The site is easy to use and navigate, making it perfect for beginners.
  • It offers plenty of communication options so you can get to know potential matches better.
  • Limited search options for finding potential matches.
  • Not enough safety features to protect users from scammers and fraudsters.
  • Difficult to verify the authenticity of profiles due to lack of identity verification process.

How we reviewed AsianDate

As an online dating expert, I and my team conducted a thorough review of AsianDate. We started by testing both the free and paid versions to get a better understanding of what this site offers its users. Then we took it one step further: sending messages to other users over the course of several days (we sent around 200 messages in total). This gave us an idea as to how active members are on this platform, their response rate, etc. After that was done with, we looked into all aspects related to security – verifying user profiles manually; making sure there were no fake accounts or bots trying to scam people out of money; checking for any reports from previous customers who may have had bad experiences while using AsianDate…you name it! All these steps taken together allowed us not only assess whether or not this is a good website but also give our readers detailed insights about how they can make best use out of it if they decide sign up for AsianDate themselves. And that’s why our reviews stand apart from others – because we go above and beyond just giving opinions on different sites – instead taking time & effort required for comprehensive research so you don’t have too!

Help & Support

Ah, AsianDate. It’s an okay dating site but not the best. I’ve been using it for a while now and have had some mixed experiences when it comes to support. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get help if you need it!

The first thing I’d recommend is checking out their FAQ page – they cover all sorts of topics from account management to billing issues, so there’s a good chance your question has already been answered there! If not though, don’t worry – customer service is available too. You just gotta be patient with them because response times are kinda slow…I contacted support twice in the past week and both times got replies after about 24 hours or so (which isn’t great).

That said, once someone does reply they’re usually pretty helpful – answering questions clearly and offering solutions where possible (although sometimes those solutions aren’t particularly satisfactory!). All in all though AsianDate does provide decent enough support; just bear in mind that responses might take longer than expected due to time zone differences etc., which could make things frustrating at times!

Signing up

If you’re looking to find a special someone on the AsianDate website, then buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride! The registration process is fairly straightforward but there are some key points that you should be aware of before getting started. First off, users must be at least 18 years old in order to join – no exceptions! You’ll need to provide your name (or nickname), date of birth, email address and create a password during the sign-up process. Once all this information has been provided correctly it’s time for verification; AsianDate will send an activation link via email which needs clicking in order for access into their site world. This step may seem like extra work but trust me when I say it’s worth doing as not only does it keep out any potential scammers or fraudsters from accessing your account but also helps protect user privacy by verifying each individual who signs up with them.
Once verified through email, new members can start exploring what makes AsianDate so great: its features such as video chat rooms where people can interact with one another without leaving home or having awkward first dates; virtual gifts that allow users show affection even if they haven’t met yet; secure messaging system allowing private conversations between two parties while keeping personal details safe etc… And best of all? It’s free – no hidden costs here folks! So why wait? Get registered today and see how far down the rabbit hole goes…

  • These are the requirements to register on AsianDate:
  • A valid email address
  • Your gender and the gender of the partner you are looking for
  • Your date of birth
  • Your country of residence
  • Your zip code
  • A username and password of your choice

AsianDate features

AsianDate is an okay dating site, but it’s definitely not the cream of the crop. That being said, if you’re looking for a way to meet Asian singles without breaking your bank account in the process, then this might be worth checking out.

The best part about AsianDate is that they offer both free and paid features – so even if you don’t want to commit right away or just want to test things out first before taking any kind of plunge into their services – there are plenty of options available! On top of that, some users have reported having success with finding dates through here as well. So while it may not be perfect (what dating site really is?), at least there’s hope on this one!

Speaking from experience though: I’d suggest starting off by using only free features until you get a feel for how everything works around here and whether or not people respond back quickly enough when contacted etc… The last thing anyone wants after all is spending money on something that doesn’t deliver results fast enough; especially when talking about online dating sites like these ones where time can often mean make-or-break between two potential matches meeting up in person eventually or never hearing from each other again ever since sending messages over internet chat rooms became cool again lol 😉

Anyways.. In terms of unique features offered exclusively by Asian Date? Well.. It does come with its own set "Cupid" tags which help members find more compatible partners faster than usual (which isn’t necessarily bad). And also Live Chat & CamShare capabilities too – which makes communication between interested parties much easier than most other similar platforms currently do today. Plus they’ve got “Let’s Mingle” feature as well; allowing multiple users who share common interests connect together within seconds regardless what type/kind relationship(s) everyone involved has been searching for thus far… All pretty nifty stuff indeed!!

Bottom line? If cost efficiency combined with ease-of use are key factors behind why someone would consider joining yet another online matchmaking service such as Asiandate anyway — then yeah sure go ahead give them try see what happens next 🙂

  • Live Chat: Instant messaging with other members.
  • CamShare: Video chat with other members.
  • Virtual Gifts: Send virtual gifts to show your interest in someone.
  • DateMe: A feature that allows you to arrange a real-life date with someone.
  • Matching System: An advanced matching system that helps you find compatible matches.

Design & Usability

AsianDate is an okay dating site, but it’s definitely not the best one out there. The design and usability of AsianDate are pretty basic – they don’t offer much in terms of colors or visuals. It looks a bit outdated compared to other sites on the market today.

The overall layout is quite simple and easy to navigate, so you won’t have any trouble finding what you need quickly – which I guess could be seen as a plus! But that doesn’t mean this site isn’t without its flaws; some users might find it difficult to get used to how everything works here since all the features aren’t laid out clearly for everyone who visits the website for their first time.

When talking about usability, AsianDate offers only basic options like messaging services and photo sharing capabilities with no extra bells or whistles added into them – making this experience feel somewhat limited if we compare it with more advanced websites available nowadays.. If you decide to purchase a paid subscription however then things do change slightly: UI improvements become visible such as being able to search through profiles faster than before due mostly because ads are removed from your view when using these premium features too!

All in all though, Asian Date does offer enough tools needed by anyone looking for love online even if they’re just starting off their journey into online dating world – although at times those same people may find themselves wishing that something better was offered instead (which can happen). In conclusion while nothing spectacularly stands out about this platform either positively nor negatively speaking; still decent enough choice depending on individual needs & wants


AsianDate is an okay dating site when it comes to pricing, but not the best one. While there are some free features on the website, you’ll need a paid subscription if you want access to all of its features. The good news is that their prices are competitive and they offer different packages depending on your needs.

For example, if you’re looking for something basic like sending messages or viewing profiles then their “Gold Membership” package should be enough for most people’s needs – at only $15 per month! On top of this though, getting a premium membership gives you access to exclusive perks such as video chat and even more advanced search options which can really help make finding someone special easier than ever before!

Overall AsianDate isn’t going to break the bank with its pricing plans so it could be worth checking out if online dating is something that interests you – just don’t expect too much in terms of value compared with other sites out there.

Plan Price Features
Basic Free Create a profile, browse members, send interests, communicate with paying members
Gold $15.99/month All basic features plus: Live Chat, CamShare, Send & Receive emails, 20 free chats
Platinum $19.99/month All Gold features plus: Unlimited Live Chat, Video Show, 30 free chats

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to AsianDate include EastMeetEast, FilipinoCupid, and ThaiFriendly. These sites all offer a variety of features for those looking to meet someone from an Asian background or culture.

  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Match.com

Best for

  • Best for people looking to date someone of Asian descent.
  • Best for those seeking a long-term relationship with an Asian partner.
  • Best for singles who are interested in exploring the culture and traditions of Asia through dating.


1. How to sign up for AsianDate?

Signing up for AsianDate is pretty straightforward – just fill out the registration form with your basic information, upload a photo and you’re good to go. However, there are other dating sites that offer more features so it might be worth looking into those as well before deciding which one works best for you. All in all though, signing up on AsianDate isn’t too difficult if you’re looking to dip your toes into online dating!

2. Is AsianDate worth the money?

I’ve tried AsianDate and it’s a decent dating site. It has some good features, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best out there. If you’re looking for an option that won’t break the bank, then sure – give AsianDate a go!

3. How long does it take to have my profile approved on AsianDate?

I’ve tried AsianDate and it’s a decent dating site. The profile approval process is pretty quick, usually taking no more than 24 hours. It’s not the best option out there but if you’re looking for something fast then this could be an okay choice.

4. How can I contact AsianDate?

AsianDate is a decent dating site to try, but it may not be the best option out there. You can contact AsianDate through their website or mobile app. I’d recommend doing some research and exploring other sites before committing to one platform in particular.

Laurel Steinberg

Laurel Steinberg is an online dating expert and writer who has dedicated her career to helping people find the perfect match. With a background in psychology, Laurel specializes in understanding how relationships work and what makes them successful. She has written extensively on topics related to online dating for various publications including Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Bustle Magazine and The Good Men Project. A native of New York City with roots all over the world, Laurel brings a unique perspective when it comes to writing about love connections made through technology-driven platforms like apps or websites that specialize in connecting singles from around the globe. After graduating from college with honors she decided to pursue her passion for helping others navigate their way through modern day courtship rituals by becoming an authority on digital romance culture as well as reviewing different sites/apps so users can make informed decisions before signing up for any particular service or platform . As someone who knows firsthand just how complicated navigating today’s ever changing landscape of digital interactions can be ,she also offers one-on-one consultations where she provides personalized advice tailored specifically towards each individual client's needs . In addition , she regularly gives lectures at universities across North America educating students about safe practices while using these services along with tips & tricks they need know if they want get most out their experience without getting hurt emotionally (or worse).

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